Finally, a one-stop-shop solution for modern marketing ― combining data intelligence & trusted voices to unlock meaningful connection with your customers and creators.


Why we Win

It’s difficult to choose from millions of creators, integrate multiple tools, manage tasks, and analyze a seemingly limitless amount of data. That’s why we built one unified solution that evolves to meet your needs and give you control of it all. How?

A Complete Ecosystem

With silos removed, you can visualize the entire customer experience in a singular hub that integrates social listening, paid media, affiliates, commerce, and payments to empower holistic decisions.

Superior Data Science

We integrate first party influencer & customer data into custom-built data science models that offer real-time intelligence to take the guesswork out of creator marketing. Accurately forecast, estimate, and predict impact across campaigns to increase ROI.

An Agile Workflow

With the unique needs and priorities of every stakeholder in mind, you can dynamically manage everything from casting and contracting, to amplifying and reporting in one custom designed workflow.

We have combined the art of building relationships with the science of innovative data intelligence so you can drive Partnership ROI

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Making Informed Decisions with Enriched Data

Too often your influencer data is isolated, incomplete and difficult to analyze. Now you can access meaningful intelligence to create better influencer experiences and generate targeted results. From predictive analytics and first-party creator data, to exclusive insights and an open API, access the tools you need to transform your influencer marketing.


Integrations that Eliminate Challenges

Leverage cutting-edge technology to revolutionize your influencer marketing and stay one step ahead.

  • Social

    Enabled Social Amplification

    How do you boost content? Now you can manage all of your boosted content directly from our platform without ever having to login to business manager. 

    With API integrations across legacy social networks (including TikTok), scale your branded content reach with laser precision.

  • Commerce

    Creator Driven Sales

    How can you scale commerce? Traditionally brands, creators, and eCommerce platforms have been siloed, making it hard to access data. Now you can integrate directly with those platforms to manage performance and activate your affiliate campaigns. Measuring revenue is as simple as logging in.


    Data Powered Relationships

    Who are the right creators for you? Finding relevant brand-safe creators is time consuming. Integrate your enhanced first-party data, our AI social data engine, and LiveRamp’s identity resolution technology to easily discover creators that love your brand and align with your values.


Diverse Brands, Diverse Creators, Diverse Leaders

From our partners and clients to our creators and colleagues – we celebrate differences and embrace diversity. Our platform is constructed to amplify an array of unique voices with searchability for ethnicity, disabilities, and gender and sexual identity, enabling creators to express who they are - and for brands to partner with them.

To help other organizations in building diverse and equitable influencer marketing cultures, we launched Cr8 Change.


Uniting the World’s
Leading Brands and Creators

We are proud to have built a single source of truth that is trusted by more than 200+ enterprise & small and medium businesses, and millions of creators


Empowering You with Industry
Leading Data Science

We have been named a leader by G2, Influencer Marketing Hub and Forrester,
and recognized as the first platform with API-integrated data across TikTok, Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Captiv8 is a great one-stop-shop for all things influencer related!

  • Finally a platform with excellent customer service!

  • A platform that actually understands & supports every part of the influencer marketing workflow.


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